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Healthy Collaboration Begins at Excellent Caring Medical Clinic

by | Aug 23, 2018

“Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us.” These wise words by designer Time Gunn ring true in all aspects of work and play, amidst family or friends. But in this digital age, we sometimes feel isolated, especially if ongoing medical issues or chronic pain are a factor.

Galina Dixon, ARNP, will soon start seeing patients at Excellent Caring Medical Clinic locations in Seattle’s Kent and Northgate neighborhoods. She strives to integrate proactive treatment into a unique wellness plan tailored to each person’s specific needs.

Medical Clinic in Seattle“We all make choices in our lives that affect our health. Each patient can do many things to improve their health. In my practice, I focus not only on responding to a patient’s current concerns. I recommend preventive care for each patient as a means of avoiding future health issues. I communicate opportunities for them to better manage their own physical wellbeing,” explains Dixon.

Wellness plans are an easy, integral partnership between caregiver and patient. They can even extend beyond your own care and become family-wide measures or shared with outside medical professionals like mental or occupational health counselors.

Plans are typically defined as “an individualized, structured, goal-oriented schedule of services developed jointly by the patient and the treatment team. The plan must contain written medical-related goals and measurable objectives.”

“The Wellness Plan is an important part of our practice. Quality care that enhances the efficiency of our caring. This plan promotes the patient’s satisfaction, self-care, health management, and provider-patient trusting relationship,” says Dixon.

Developing a Wellness Plan

Developing a plan starts with addressing medical needs and—perhaps more importantly—any patient fears or concerns. With this in mind, long-term goals are established as well as manageable steps along the way. We all love checking things off our to-do list and even baby-steps add up to long-term progress.

Excellent Caring Medical Clinic - Galina Dixon, ARNPWellness plan documents also serve as an excellent record-keeping tool. By setting steps at fixed intervals (monthly, quarterly, or annually) both patient and caregiver can easily track progress, identify stumbling blocks, and look back over their collective, collaborative wellness journey.

Wellness plans are so crucial that businesses, organizations, and institutions are developing them for their employees. Industry studies break it down. “Think of it as a plan of action that covers several components of employee wellness—healthy eating, exercise, stress reduction, improved mental health, etc. More than 60 percent of employers said wellness plans reduced health care costs in their organization, while 73 percent now offer these programs in the workplace.”

And you don’t have to be suffering from illness or injury to set up a plan with Dixon and your medical team. Whether working towards a physical goal like running a marathon or climbing Mt. Rainier or just wanting to maintain overall health and mobility for years to come, sit down with her soon to discuss hopes, fears, expectations, and accomplishments.

Medical Clinic in SeattleLooking at Longterm Health

But for those with chronic pain issues, Dixon is experienced and ready to help. The National Institutes of Health estimates that 25.3 million Americans suffer from daily pain. For these patients, a plan can help with “creating a supportive, caring environment for the patient thereby improving the patient’s health outcomes,” she says.

A medical professional for many years, both in the United States and Russia, Dixon is excited to open her own new practice and start building life-long relationships with King County residents. “I hope to have patients who seek understanding of the health challenges they face, who want to learn about ways to better deal with those challenges. I enjoy working with adult patients who want to improve their health.”

Serving an Underserved Community

Within the Seattle Metro area alone, there are more than 31,000 Russian language speakers, but of those, 44.6% admit they don’t speak English very well. Dixon’s two new clinics will be a tremendous benefit to them, their families, and anyone wanting a personalized, care-centered approach to healthcare.

Doors open in September but you can already schedule an appointment at either Excellent Caring Medical Clinic. Call 253-656-1212 for their Kent offices, located at 23914 100th Avenue SE. For the Northgate location at 10564 5th Avenue NE, call 206-399-1434. Kent will be open on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays will Northgate will be open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Questions for Dixon can be submitted via the Clinic’s online portal or their Facebook page. Facebook also offers grand opening updates and articles tailored to Dixon’s regional medical outlook.

Medical issues are stressful; don’t tackle them alone. Collaborate, make a plan, and thrive.